Thousands gather to welcome Hōkūle`a as she arrives in Tahiti from her first voyage in 1976

Thousands gather to welcome Hōkūle`a as she arrives in Tahiti from her first voyage in 1976

(via) Polynesian Voyaging Society PVS

By Karen Holman. 

A double-hulled Polynesian voyaging canoe, Hōkūle`a first sailed in 1976, but her soul is centuries old. She was built to voyage once, from Hawaii to Tahiti, to demonstrate that the first Polynesians to arrive in the Hawaiian Islands were the greatest explorers on the planet, skilled navigators who sailed by the stars with intention and understanding. The image of a voyaging canoe surrounded by an estimated 17,000 people upon her arrival in Tahiti remains ingrained in the mind of all those fortunate to be present.

Homebirth is human!

Majority of human history, women have naturally given birth in a familiar place, with family members or other trusted companions around them. The act of birthing in your home or traditional outdoor locations is natural. Natural birth has nothing to do with laws, regulations, civil rights or even human rights. The only rules on human birthing is set by your ability to survive.

If you are a human being living in Hawaii please check out measure SB2569 relating to home birthing.


Report Title: Home Birth Safety Board; Midwives; License
Description: Establishes the home birth safety board to adopt rules and protocols for home birth providers. Requires home birth providers to be licensed beginning on 7/1/2015 and to meet minimum educational and training requirements. Requires the home birth safety board to investigate complaints concerning violations of its regulations and to take disciplinary action when necessary. Limits home births to clients with normal, low-risk pregnancies. Requires licensed home birth providers to use informed consent documents with their clients and to follow record keeping and reporting requirements.
Package: None
Current Referral: HTH/CPN/JDL, WAM
Introducer(s): GREEN, BAKER, CHUN OAKLAND, ESPERO, GALUTERIA, TOKUDA, Hee, Ihara, Kahele, Kouchi, Ruderman, Slom, Taniguchi

Sort by Date Status Text
1/17/2014 S Introduced.
1/21/2014 S Passed First Reading.
1/21/2014 S Referred to HTH/CPN/JDL, WAM.
2/7/2014 S The committee(s) on HTH/CPN/JDL has scheduled a public hearing on 02-10-14 1:30PM in conference room 229.

S = Senate | H = House | D = Data Systems | $ = Appropriation measure | ConAm = Constitutional Amendment

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Aloha Got Soul!

Home GrownAloha Got Soul” Found this blog a few years back. Happy to see it still being updated. Wish i could say the same for here… lol. By the name alone you know youʻre on to something special.  Roger Bong researches and digs deep to find vinyl records almost too obscure to be true: Hawaiian rare groove music. With Aloha Got Soul, he documents a lost era of jazz, funk and soul from Hawaii.  Generating all the content himself is a commitment worth stars in my book.

Aloha Got Soul mix

This for me is the embodiment of aloha got soul. Love the breakdown melody.  Nohelani Cypriano “Lihue”!

I always thought if Gil-Scott Heron made Hawaiian music it might sound like this song “Brother Got A Problem” by Olomana.

After Dark music video by Monarx feat. WoesMartin and Maria Remos

WoesMartin posted a YouTube music video from the currently defunct Honolulu hip hop crew Monarx.  The track “After Dark” features a verse by WoesMartin & vocal backing by Maria ‘Songbird’ Remos.”

WoesMartin added this bit of info to his Facebook posting of the music video, “The original edit got corrupted and lost most of the files, so this was all edited with salvaged footage, it was dark and lots of chopping but it came out alright.”

Monarx is a Hawaii Hip Hop trio based out of Honolulu formed in 2011. The trio consists of emcees Travis Cix & Quiet Kaos with beatmaker/DJ Bumble Bee.

Monarx: Quiet Kaos, Travis Cix & DJ Bumble Bee
Monarx: Quiet Kaos, Travis Cix & DJ Bumble Bee



Monarx on Soundcloud.

Monarx on Facebook.

WoesMartin AKA Angry Woebots’ art on Facebook.

Maria ‘Songbird’ Remos on Facebook.

Move it, Stella! We found a new Primo?

primo beer label
A recent article in the Honolulu Advertiser hailed the return of Primo beer to the marketplace and an item today said a Hawaii-brewed, draft version will be available as early as December 10th?!

The Chicago-based company is partnering with craft beer maker Keoki Brewing Co. of Kaua’i to produce a higher-end version of Primo, which would compete with premium lagers like Heineken. [Source]

Heineken and premium are not two things I often associate, but dammit it’s a step up from Budweiser! Apparently bottled Primo won’t be available til April and will be produced in California.

Originally established in 1898, the beer has been called by some the “national beer of Hawaii.” I was too young to drink it last time it was in production, but apparently by that time it had already moved to mainland production facilities and the quality wasn’t the same.

All I know is that I have never seen a beer with so many fun and funky products branded to it, from Aloha shirts, to money clips, to a 1970s pair of swim trunks that look like they wouldn’t be too flattering on a heavy Primo drinker.

So what did Primo taste like anyway? You excited? I kind of am. I even spent some time on eBay looking for old Primo schwag before deciding that I’m not a beer collectibles kind of girl. But I am a beer-drinking kind of girl, and very much looking forward to the locally produced brew.

Better Know the state

George Jarrett Helm, Jr. – Speaker, Writer, Musician and Revolutionary Philosopher. One of the greatest Hawaiian falsetto vocalists ever known, played complex guitar parts while singing in an “almost inhuman” vocal range, activist of Hawaiian renaissance who pioneered many sovereignty concepts, founder of the Protect Kaho’olawe ‘Ohana, disappeared at sea while returning on surfbord from Kaho’olawe protest.

boombox @ cassette BBQ sunday

You are invited to a Bar-Bee-Que (potluck)
Sunda Oct. 28th 2007, 2pm till sunset or L8r
Kapiolani Park Hawaii

You how it goes down… food, music, games, beachtime, relaxed kine, bring your keiki, beverage of choice and fabulous self! Speedy bringing the vintage boombox sounds! (feel free to chip in on “D” batteries, bring a soccer, things to share and good people)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink ribbon

Mahalo to the guys over at atypicalLIVING for speaking up about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Apparently an ounce of prevention, is worth a lifetime. Tell your mother, sister, coworker, friend. Or get involved?

While the shopping side of breast cancer awareness seems to have gotten a little tacky (sorry), is there any reason not to:

What else is good for the cause?